Jacobs international conference organizer

Guidelines for Poster Presentation:

Jacobs international conference organizers encourages attendees to gain further exposure by presenting their research work in form of the poster. A Poster session is a one-to-one informal presenting and generating active discussion between presenters and their audience on a conference-related theme. However, poster presentation in the conference, abstract must be submitted and accepted by the review committee.

Why to present your research work as “poster presentation” at the Conference:

  • Your research work will be seen by our international delegation, representing leaders from top pharmaceuticals, biotech, academic and government institutions
  • Your poster abstract will be published in our conference materials and respective journals

Poster format:

  • Each poster should be approximately 1×1 M long
  • The title, contents, Figures and tables with author’s information should be clearly visible to the audience presenters should be available to supplement and discuss particular points of interest
  • The focus should be on major findings and not on everything you know
  • The selection of best “poster presentation” will be based on overall responses to the questions from the judges and the completeness of the work